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Tree-planting made simple

We’re not the first platform where you can donate if you want to plant trees, nor will we be the last. What we do differently however, is that we provide you
with proof that we’ve actually planted the trees on your behalf. We’ve chosen an simple and effective way to do that: present you with a series of pictures that show the planting area before, while and after planting. And to make sure that planting session was specifically for your trees, a planter will hold up a sign where your name, or the name of your company is displayed, like this:

Sometimes, we’ll plant more trees in a session than there are sold or the order size is simply to small to ask people to go out in the field for just a few trees. Those surplus trees, end up in our public directory. You can still claim those trees. If you buy part of the inventory, we will publicly deduct your order from our inventory, and mention your name or an alias in case you’d prefer that. Again, transparency is the rule in all we do.

With those two measures, you can be assured that we plant on demand.



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