Planting on Demand was established in the Netherlands in January 2021. Our aim is to help funnel more money towards high quality projects that are willing to go a dozen extra miles to really show that they are doing what they doing, with your funding, on your behalf. The idea has slowly ripened over time: my first tree-planting program took place in the Netherlands in 2008: 11 hectares planted in the province of Gelderland on behalf of Dutch IT companies and organizations, the most well-know was SIDN, the Dutch registry. As we named it ‘the first internet-forest of the World’, it got quite some attention. When I later got working for both tree planting and carbon financing organizations in Asia, I got in touch with most larger tree planting companies and foundations active on the web. The usual level of accountability, is limited to combinations of counting numbers and – if they really go our of their way – some mapping tool with numbers per plot. But, as a sponsor, I want to know: what did you plant for me? This question has been the focus point of the implementation of Planting on Demand, where we try to find the optimal combination between radical accountability and the limitations of tree planting projects on the ground. It is more a journey than something we have already established, that is why we greatly welcome any feedback!

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