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Personal data

This site uses as little personal data as possible. The IP-address of the visitor as well as the browser user agent are used.


When users leave comments on the site, the data that is shown in the form will be collected, as well as the IP-address of the visitor and the browser user agent, to be able to detect spam.

An anonymized string, created based on your e-mail address (also known as a hash), can be sent to the Gravatar service, if you use this. The privacy policy page can be found here: After you comment has been approved of, your profile picture will be publicly visible in the context of your comment.


When you leave a comment on our site, you can state whether or not your name, e-mail address and site can be saved in a cookie. We do this for your comfort, so this information does not have to be filled in again for a new comment. These cookies are valid for a year.

When you edit or publish a comment, your browser will save an an additional cookie. This cookie contains no personal data and has only the post ID of the article that you have edited. This cookie expires after a day.

When you make a purchase through the PlantingonDemand webshop, the entered personal details will exclusively be used to fulfill your order. We do not store your payment information, as that part is handled by third parties (Mollie and its partners).


When you leave a comment, this comment and the metadata of this comment will be kept forever. This way we can automatically recognize and accept follow-up comments, instead of moderate them.

It is possible that comments from users are checked via an automated spamdetection service.