Full transparency

Imagine that you are looking for a certain book, and you’re browsing the Waterstones website. There it is, and while you plan to add the item to your basket, you read: ‘delivery next year (or might be the year after), to a place unknown. But don’t worry, we deliver the book on behalf of you. But then again, we might do something else with the book but you’ll never find out anyway’. Would you like to proceed to checkout?
This procedure is however used to sell tree-planting on the web today. What we would like to see is: ‘delivery within so many days, audio-visual proof will be sent to the mail-address you provide at the checkout’. This way we would finally understand what we are doing when we push the ‘proceed to checkout’ button. It is the lack of fulfilling these kinds of expectations from today’s customers that is holding this domain back from coming to full growth, while the answer could be so straightforward ..

Read on here about PoD’s vision of ten different confidence levels when it comes to tree planting and the position we are taking, how we look at the combination of tree planting and carbon offsetting claims, our ‘business model‘ and for some recent news check the blog.