Trees and carbon

The relationship between tree planting and claiming any carbon mitigated by those trees, is unfortunately not as straightforward as it seems.

To officially count as carbon offsetting, a project needs to be registered and certified under an accepted carbon certification scheme, like Gold Standard or VERRA.

This can only happen, if there is no double counting going on. Under the Paris agreement, every country is obliged to maintain an NDC (National Carbon Allowance), that details exactly which natural resources are factored in. To make a long story short: if an area is included in an NDC, it is not possible to register it and sell the carbon offsets to third parties, as the project would basically lack the – already factored in – carbon rights.

At PlantingonDemand, we do not worry about the carbon or NDCs, and just concentrate on getting more planting financed in a transparent manner. The planet doesn’t care so much if the carbon is counted in this country or that, so why should we? In general: more trees are good news, just make sure you do not state in any way that you are planting trees in order to lower your footprint, as officially, that is not the case.

Any questions, feel free to reach out!

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