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LIVE: tree planting in Tanzania


LIVE planting is possible per 1,000 trees, with a maximum of 2,000 trees per day. Higher orders will be spread out over multiple days.



Friends of Lake Tanganyika (FOLT) is a Tanzanian local NGO based on Western Tanzania on the shore of Lake Tanganyika. FOLT works to revitalize degraded landscape around the Mahale Mountains National Park through the ecosystem restoration approach of creating Forest Gardens and Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration. If you can support their actions with 1,000 trees or more, we can set up a 30-minutes LIVE video-call with your conference, board-meeting etc, eradicating the last shreds of doubts that the planting will be done on your behalf, on that same day!

Investing € 850 with FOLT buys you LIVE planting of 1,000 trees.

Do get in touch to discuss the possibilities with Friends of Lake Tanganyika!


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